The purpose of the Council shall be:


1. To promote intelligent estate planning.


2. To promote an understanding of the areas of cooperation between the professions represented by the membership essential to successful estate planning.


3. The Council shall be advisory in character and shall have no power to bind its members to any action or conclusion that is not provided for in this instrument.



To advocate and assist in the spreading of knowledge concerning estate planning among members of the Council and, and if deemed appropriate, to others.


To foster understanding of the proper relationship between the function of the Life Underwriter, Trust Officer, Attorney, Accountant, and any other party or parties having to do with estate planning, and to encourage the co-operation of persons acting under those disciplines;


To establish and promulgate among the members, as well as among nonmembers wherever feasible and practical, the proper ethical standards in dealing with one another, mutual clients, and the public;


To help the members render the highest type of service to clients and customers; and


To do any and all of those things that will aid and improve the process of careful estate planning.


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